Here is just a small sampling of what festival and venue organizers have said about Spirit Fiddle.

"I can still vividly remember hearing Robin and Brian playing at 6 am Sunday morning at Thomas Point Beach, after being up all night jamming, and still having enough drive and "pizzazz" to hold an avid audience in the campground at that hour. For me, at that time, their rendition of Ashokan Farewell sold me on their performing ability and stage presence and convinced me to hire them for our festival. I woke up the rest of our hiring committee to hear them, and we all agreed we wanted Robin and Brian to come play for us in Nova Scotia. Also, their very reasonable price and the ease of negotiating with them made Spirit Fiddle an easy pick!!!"

Bob Sharples
Chair, Band Selection Committee
Downeast Bluegrass & Oldtime Music Festival
Nova Scotia

"Hearing Robin Warren play the violin is an emotional experience! to laugh, to cry, to dance, to relax, to enjoy -- these are emotions felt when listening to Robin's music. Her feeling for the piece she is playing conveys to the listener the true depth of the tune. ... Robin has established her own identity as a fiddler and does a superb job in whatever style she chooses to play. ... We at Fiddler's Grove never cease to be amazed at her talent and versatility, and we acclaim her as one of the "great" fiddlers of our day."

"Brian Clancey is an amazing guitar player who accompanies Robin Warren's fiddle music to perfection. His artistry as a musician is apparent and exciting each time one hears him play."

Harper & Wanona Van Hoy
Ole Time Fiddler's & Bluegrass Festival
Continuing a Tradition 1924-2008
Fiddler's Grove, Union Grove, North Carolina

"When Master Fiddler Robin Warren plays an old- time waltz, magic happens. The sounds of her fiddle lift your spirit and warm your heart. This is ageless music, beautifully performed. Music for the soul."

David Holt
Grammy Award Winning Musician, TV and Radio Host
Nashville, Tennessee

"One of the best musical groups I've ever had at the festival. Evaluation comments were excellent, and people talked about you for months afterwards. Absolutely wonderful, hot, clean fiddle music."

Wayne Henderson, Chairman
Wayne Henderson Festival
Grayson Highlands National Park, Virginia

"Fantastische Geigerin!* Spirit Fiddle is a wonderfully entertaining blend of excellent fiddle and guitar playing. Their enthusiasm for the music is so delightfully shared with their audiences. We truly enjoy watching them perform and admire their skills." (* fantastic violin/fiddle player!)

Jens Krüger, Uwe Krüger, Joel Landsberg
The Krüger Brothers, Switzerland and North Carolina

"If you are looking for music to the soundtrack of your life you'll want to stop by Caffe di Siena either tomorrow night or next Saturday to check out the musical duet "Spirit Fiddle." Such wonderful music you have never heard. You'll sit and smile as Robin Warren plays waltzes like you've never heard them on her fiddle. So come, sit down, have some ricotta pie and a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy the heavenly music."

Tom Ryan, Editor
The Undertoad, Newburyport's Bimonthly Journal
Newburyport, Massachusetts

"Thank you so much for the beautiful performance opening our Spring Performance Series. To compliment your musicianship and virtuosity seems almost redundant. Experiencing the Spirit Fiddle concert on that level alone was a master class for every musician in attendance. What I hadn't expected was your mastery in communicating with our audience, which is a mixture of young college students who … have no common experience with the music … and a loyal group of older folks with a long, varied and sophisticated musical tastes. You deeply touched both groups… The humor and personal banter between you two afforded a glimpse into the humanity that generously flowed from your performance. We were captivated! You were a joy to work with and a profound pleasure to listen to."

Mark Evans, Administrator
Arts and Humanities Program
Framingham State College, Massachusetts

"Your lively and varied musical programs get rave reviews from all who hear you!"

Joanne Perlman, Tea Chair 2002-2004
Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Massachusetts

"Such spontaneity can be created only when artists possess exacting precision and skill. Seeing Robin and Brian perform together, only enriches their music. Their exhilaration transfers to an audience who quickly connects with their on-stage interactions and responsiveness. It is apparent: that the music is being performed by master musicians who love what they are doing, and their audience leaves with that feeling."

Jane Sutton, Owner of Quinn Music
Editor of the Blue Ridge Parkway Milepost Magazine
Asheville, North Carolina

"I'd just like to say that I think of you as one of the finest musicians I've ever had the pleasure to listen to."

Michael Fioretti, Proprietor
Crescent Dragon Listening Room
Haverhill, Massachusetts

"Spirit Fiddle - the title says it all! The true spirit of the fiddle has no boundaries, nor is it imprisoned by any one style of music. The fiddle is a key part of bluegrass, carrying with it the influences of Canadian, Scotch and Irish music. So the fiddle blends well in venues ranging from bluegrass to classical. Especially when placed in the hands of a master artist such as Robin Warren.

Brian Clancey is a master of the guitar, and his love of the music shows. Together they create a sound that is enjoyed everywhere they appear. Rightfully so. Robin and Brian have a wonderful "cross-over" appeal to listeners of all types of music.The beautiful strains Robin can extract from her fiddle, paired with the superb bass runs and back-up accompaniment highlighted by Brian's expertise on his guitar, are something every music fan should experience. I would put them at the top of my "hiring list" for any bluegrass / musical event that I promoted. They appeal to the varied tastes of all fans in the audience. I can foresee no venue where they would not be well received.

I first heard these two very talented performers playing in front of the showers at the Thomas Point Beach Festival after the stage show was over. When I first happened upon them, there were but a couple of us ,standing there mesmerized by the music emanating from them.The music was heartfelt, coming from the soul. By the time I grudgingly left to get some rest, there were over 40 of us in the crowd!"

Bonnie Gauthier, Owner/Editor/Publisher
Who's Where In Bluegrass

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