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...from the 7th album ...

Paris SkiesFrench musette0:14
Paris MemoriesFrench musette0:39
Lover's WaltzAmerican waltz0:54
IndifferenceFrench musette0:54
Brian's CountryCanadian waltz0:34
Gardenia WaltzTexas swing waltz0:55
Valse HindoueFrench musette0:46
Klezmertraditional klezmer0:43
La Golondrinatraditional Mexican1:26
Over the Rainbowpopular1:13
Willow SpringsCanadian swing1:02
Latin Leprauchaunnovelty0:48

...from the 6th album ...
Crossing Borders

Back Up and Pushbluegrass0:32
La Vraie Valse MusetteFrench musette1:03
Astor Tangoswing tango0:35
J'attendrai30s popular song1:01
Medicine HatCanadian reel0:32
Jeannechromatic double stop waltz0:54
A Medleystrathspey0:44
Crossing Bordershappy tex/mex0:54

...from the 5th album ...
Rapproche - Come Closer

Road to Lisdon Varna
Drowsy Maggie
Irish jig
Irish reel
Calliope Housejig0:36
Valse Chinoisemusette0:50
Churning ButterTexas swing0:29
Amor del Bajo Corralesmusette1:06
40 Years Agosouthern waltz0:58
Star of the County Down
Old Rugged Cross
Irish ballad
southern gospel
Kyle Loringreel0:36

...from the 4th album ...
New Old Fashioned

Foolin' Aroundswing0:29
New Old Fashionedwaltz0:40
Tra Veglia E SuonoItalian folksong0:40
Casa Loma Hornpipe
Philosopher's Reel
Grand Valley Waltz
Village Carousel Waltz
Canadian waltzes1:05
Le Plus Beau Tango du Mondetango0:46
My Dungannon Sweetheart
Naomi's Jig
Canadian jigs832k
Jesse Polkasouthwestern0:46
Durham's Bullbluegrass1:04
Home on the RangeAmerican folksong1:27

...from the 3rd album ...
Café Music

Joyous WaltzCanadian waltz0:36
Gold and Silverwaltz, 3 fiddles1:16
Paris Musettemusette0:33
Polka Chinoisemusette0:41
Jenny's Waltzsouthwestern waltz0:59
Ashokan Farewell"the Civil War tune"1:19

...from the 2nd album ...
Blue Jeans and Gingham

Big John McNeilCanadian reel0:35
Cadeau's JigCanadian jig0:31
Blue Jeans and Ginghamwaltz0:50
Texas CrapshootTexas swing0:48
Dreamer's WaltzAmerican waltz0:56
Happy Trailswestern swing1:07

...from the 1st album ...
Mother's Day Waltz

Mother's Day WaltzCanadian waltz0:54
Black Hawk Waltzguitar solo0:52
Roxanna Waltzsouthern waltz0:56
Brownie's WaltzAmerican0:48
Margaret's WaltzScottish1:21
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