Blue Jeans and Gingham
Happy Trails from Canada to Texas

Released December 2000
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Martin's Waltz
Frenchie's Reel/Mitton's Breakdown
Big John McNeil
Blue Jeans and Gingham
Lights in the Mist
Debby's Jig/Cadeau's Jig
Silver Dollar Waltz
Brahms Polka/Two Step of Armand
Dreamer's Waltz
Texas Crapshoot
Goodnight Waltz
Jesse Polka
Happy Trails

Blue Jeans and Gingham is an album of sparkling fiddle tunes, both fast and slow, released by Spirit Fiddle in December 2000. The album features Master Fiddler Robin Warren and guitarist Brian Clancey.

The music represents a wide range of styles and tempos, from French Canadian dance tunes like Silver Dollar Waltz, Two Step of Armand, and Big John McNeil, to the Texas Swing tunes Goodnight Waltz and Texas Crapshoot. The album ends with a fittingly sweet version of Roy Rodgers theme song Happy Trails. About half of the songs, including the title track Blue Jeans and Gingham, include a beautiful second fiddle harmony part. Jesse Polka features 3 fiddles!

Robin Warren and Brian Clancey are joined on this album by Zoel Sawyer, who adds appropriate rhythm tracks to some of the tracks, and Bradd Wheeler on acoustic bass.

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